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State of California Sets a New Standard for IT with Shared Services

California is the world’s eighth-largest economy, and our IT challenges exceed those of many national governments. That was particularly true during the budget crisis that began in 2008. In the face of severe budget cutbacks, state agencies needed to radically change the way they operated to keep meeting their missions to serve citizens.

The State CIO, Carlos Ramos, developed a vision to improve IT efficiency by adopting shared services. Instead of each department purchasing and managing its own IT infrastructure, all departments in an agency would share a common IT infrastructure. The idea was to slash IT capital and operational expense—and increase service levels at the same time.

Data Security Data Management September 2015
Communities for Government: Boost Your Agency's Performance with Internal & External Collaboration
Created by and for the people, government agencies must be able to collaborate and manage relationships with constituents, volunteers, employees, partner organizations and other agencies.
Regular communication is not just expected; often it is mandated by law. What if you could leverage a single platform for all incoming and outgoing communication, from public notices and announcements, to internal policy changes, constituent surveys and more.
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Application Management, Data Security Data Management September 2015
Rapid Response 311 - Respond to Citizens Faster and Smarter

Can your agency resolve any 311 issue with just a few clicks?

The heart of an effective 311 solution is customer service. As the leader in the 2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Service Contact Centers, has been proven to deliver 36% improved agent productivity, 36% decrease in support costs, 37% faster case resolution and 34% increased citizen satisfaction.

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311 Call System Communications September 2015
Drive the Pace of Innovation with the Proven Platform: Build & Deploy Applications 5 Times Faster

A major challenge facing those working in government is the ability to adjust to the rapid pace of change and doing more with less. While other sectors are busy innovating, government is too often saddled in IT systems designed for a bygone era. No one understands this better than those responsible for providing technology solutions for government staff. IT departments and developers receive hundreds of competing requests from literally dozens of different teams. To make matters worse, they are already burdened by outdated legacy systems that require too much time and too many resources to maintain. It is enough to overwhelm the best-qualified, most-organized teams. Simply put, most IT teams are not currently set-up to succeed.


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Application Monitoring, Data Security Data Management September 2015
Platform Mobile Services for Government
Innovation doesn’t happen on its own. It requires an investment of time and money that many government agencies, burdened by costly legacy IT infrastructure, just do not have. In the private sector, companies have adopted cloud platforms that allow them to innovate at the speed of social. Public sector IT departments need to do the same. But how are they ever supposed to develop new apps when just keeping the lights on uses up a majority of their resources?
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Data Applications Data Management, Mobile/Portable Computing September 2015
Government Social Command Center - Connect and Engage with Citizens Everywhere
In the 21st century, government agencies cannot be effective if they do not maintain a consistent social media presence. In order to be fully in touch with their citizens, agencies need to be able to monitor trending topics and analyze public sentiment around key issues. Then, they need to participate in these ongoing conversations, identify and engage top influencers, publish relevant multimedia content and respond to adverse events and crises instantaneously.
Millions of conversations about government are happening on social channels every day. Is your agency engaging?
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Data Management Data Management September 2015
VMware K-12 Education Secure Online Testing Solution

Is your school district prepared to securely deliver state assessments that comply with the Common Core State Standards Initiative? Leveraging VMware Horizon to deliver online tests in a virtual desktop environment ensures compliance with PARCC and Smarter Balanced technical and security requirements while giving IT the flexibility to optimize use of computing resources. Security and privacy of student information is maintained while test integrity is preserved.


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Education, Data Security Data Management September 2015
Taking Control of Your Agency Image: Mobile Apps and Policing

For years, law enforcement was criticized for being a closed and unapproachable society. Studies showed that too often police officials took a “we know what the priorities for public safety need to be better than the community does” approach. It was repeatedly demonstrated that a stunning misalignment existed between agency perceptions of citizen concerns, and actual citizen concerns. The take away for us was that positive and regular interaction with our citizens improves the community’s trust in its law enforcement. There is a correlation between community support, and budgetary support. And citizens who have a feeling of “ownership” in their law enforcement act as a force multiplier for us – operationally and politically.

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Data Applications Data Management, Mobile/Portable Computing September 2015
Case Study: Millions in Contraband Recovered, No Pursuit

SOUTHWEST AGENCY: Stolen vehicle identified, drug load suspected. StarChase deployed and tracked with K-9 support. Suspects safely apprehended, stolen vehicle and 1,920 LBS of contraband recovered. Zero injuries, zero deaths and no property damage.

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GPS Tracking Data Management September 2015
Case Study: NJ TRANSIT boosts response capacity by 500% with the Service Cloud and

NJ TRANSIT, the nation’s largest statewide public transportation system, wanted to increase the productivity and effectiveness of its customer service operations

Click to learn how NJ Transit:

  • ·        

    Delivered faster and more complete responses to constituents while adhering to performance standards and measures 24/7

  • ·        

    Improved handling of customer inquiries by 500 percent in 2 years—without increasing staff

  • ·        

    Increased productivity by 31 percent during the same 2-year period

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