The CJIS GROUP Publications resource contains reports pertaining to technology in the Criminal Justice, Public Safety, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services communities. Documents are generally gathered through the public domain and include industry trends, agency surveys, technical standards and models, case studies, white papers, and guides.

Title Summary Subject Category Date Publishedsort descending
OJP/NIJ Privacy in the Information Age - Paper

A Guide for Sharing Crime Maps and Spatial Data

Data Sharing Guide Data Management, Communications June 2001
Security Self-Assessment Guide for Information Technology Systems

Self-assessments provide a method for agency officials to determine the current status of their information security programs and, where necessary, establish a target for
improvement. This self-assessment guide utilizes an extensive questionnaire containing
specific control objectives and techniques against which an unclassified system or group
of interconnected systems can be tested and measured.

Security Assessment Data Management, Security July 2001
NIST Information Technology Systems Security Self-Assessment - Guide

National Institute of Standards and Technology: IT Security Assessment Framework standardizing criteria to determine levels of adequate system security

IT Security Data Management, Security July 2001
FDLE and Florida Division of Emergency Management - Assessing Anti-Terrorism Capabilities

Assessment and Recommendations to Strengthen Florida’s Anti-terrorism Preparedness and Prevention

Interoperability and Information Sharing Data Management, Communications September 2001
FDLE and Florida Division of Emergency Management - Domestic Security Strategic - Plan

Strengthening Domestic Security, Florida Strategic Plan and Funding Strategy

Funding Data Management, Communications October 2001
FDLE Report on Progress by Executive Order #01-300

Strengthening Domestic Security in Florida

Homeland Security Biometrics, Data Management October 2001
Assessing the Implications of the Terrorist Attacks on America for Justice Information and Technology

On December 11-12, 2001, three months after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, over 50 experts from local, state and federal governments, and the private sector gathered in Washington D.C., to assess the implications of the terrorist attacks on America for justice information and technology.

Implications of the Terrorist Attacks on America for Justice Information and Technology Biometrics, Data Management, Security January 2002
Sacramento Co, CA IJIS Strategy - Plan

Sacramento Co, CA Integrated Justice Information System (IJIS) Strategy Plan and Analysis

Data Sharing Data Management January 2002
Progressive Policy Institute - Policy Briefing

The State and Local Role in Domestic Defense

Homeland Security Data Management, Communications January 2002
Using Technology to Detect and Prevent Terrorism, by Shane Ham and Robert D.Atkinson

The purpose of this brief, rather,is to stimulate thinking about how technology can take domestic defense from its old economy model -bureaucratic,hierarchical and compartmentalized,and labor-intensive —
and transform it to a New Economy model flexible,networked,and automated.

Terrorism Technology Biometrics, Data Management, Security January 2002