The CJIS GROUP Publications resource contains reports pertaining to technology in the Criminal Justice, Public Safety, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services communities. Documents are generally gathered through the public domain and include industry trends, agency surveys, technical standards and models, case studies, white papers, and guides.

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State CIO's Top Ten Policy and Technology Priorities for 2009

Each year NASCIO conducts a survey of the state CIOs to identify and prioritize the top policy and technology issues facing state government. The top ten priorities are identified and used as input to NASCIO’s programs, planning for conference sessions, and publications.

State Government Technology Issues Uncategorized September 2008
LEITSC Compiled Justice Related Acronyms

A list of acronyms related to LEITSC standard functional specifications documents as well as other information sharing initiatives, associations, federal agencies and more. LEITSC has gathered these acronyms from the LEITSC standard functional specifications, grants, publicly available articles and Web sites.

Justice Related Acronymns Uncategorized October 2008
Voice, Video and Broadband: The Changing Competitive Landscape and Its Impact on Consumers

Industry executives, economists, analysts, and local government officials offer a variety of perspectives on competition among providers of video programming delivery, local telephony, and broadband services.

Telecommunications Industry Developments Communications October 2008
Health Information Technology 2007 and 2008 Legislation

This report identifies and analyzes five major policy trends across the enacted legislation:

  • Planning
  • Targeted Financing Initiatives
  • Updating Privacy Laws to Facilitate Health Information Exchange
  • Promoting Health Information Exchange
  • Advancing Adoption and Use
Health Information Technology Legislation Data Management October 2008
Share and Share Alike

Following the exploration of basic principles behind data sharing covered in the last edition of Police Product Review, Becky Ward delves deeper into architecture and initiatives currently being used in the US to ensure standardization of data exchange.

Data Sharing Data Management December 2008
Desperately Seeking Security Frameworks - A Roadmap for State CIOs

This report provides an overview of the primary security standards, regulations, and laws that impact state IT security programs, highlights how states have used the frameworks to shape their security architectures, policies, standards, and controls, and identifies the key issues for CIOs as they establish and maintain IT security programs.

IT Security Data Management February 2009
High-Priority Criminal Justice Technology Needs 2009

This report summarizes the high-priority needs for the criminal justice field in the area of technology. These needs are organized into five functional areas:

  • Protecting the Public
  • Ensuring Officer Safety
  • Confirming the Guilty and Protecting the Innocent
  • Improving the Efficiency of Justice
  • Enabling Informed Decision-Making
Criminal Justice Technology Uncategorized February 2009
Using Technology to Make Prisons and Jails Safer

To help correctional managers detect contraband and run safer institutions, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) is sponsoring several research projects and pilot programs, based on recommendations from expert practitioners, to test an array of technologies.

Prison Safety Technology Data Management, Security February 2009
2008 State Homeland Security Directors Survey

The 2008 State Homeland Security Directors Survey provides an overview of the fifth annual survey of the 56 state and territorial homeland security directors. In addition to providing details of the state governance structures and homeland security priorities, this report presents an update of the state-federal homeland security partnership and examines states' recent experience with federal grant programs.

Survey of State Homeland Security Directors Uncategorized March 2009
Remarks by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to the National Fusion Center Conference in Kansas City, Mo. on March 11, 2009

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano discusses her view of the future of Fusion Centers and where the Department of Homeland Security is headed in light of that future.

Fusion Centers Data Management March 2009