Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Data Management, Quality and FMCSA Systems Training


Tuesday, January 29, 2019 to Thursday, January 31, 2019


CVSA Data Management, Quality and FMCSA Systems Training, scheduled for Jan. 29-31, 2019, is a three-day event designed to fulfill the state users’ training needs on FMCSA software systems. It will be packed with hands-on training, exercises, best practices and guidance on SAFETYNET, DataQs, Portal and other FMCSA systems.

The training will focus on how to manage your inspection and crash data, crash scenarios, identifying and correcting problems; stream lining your data quality and uniformity standards. An in-depth focus on how to set up  a state’s local fields, solutions for DataQs adjudicated citations results and DataQs appeals process plus advanced ad hoc queries will be available. There will also be an overview of FMCSA’s other systems to aid in the state users’ daily duties.

CVSA and FMCSA are partnering to bring three days of system-wide training to state partners who report quality inspection and crash records to support FMCSA safety programs. The training is an important event and demonstration of the federal and state commitment to reporting quality data. FMCSA’s data-driven safety programs use State-reported data from crashes and roadside inspections to prioritize resources for the greatest impact on large truck and bus safety.

The training will:

  • o Provide states with the skillset and expertise needed to use FMCSA’s software systems efficiently and effectively – helping FMCSA achieve its mission of saving lives and making our roadways safer.
  • o Support the states’ data quality improvement efforts. States have become key participants in monitoring data quality and are keen to understand how they can better use SAFETYNET, other FMCSA systems, and their own systems to improve the data they report to FMCSA.
  • o Engage the states to provide impactful and meaningful instruction, reinforcing their important role in supporting FMCSA’s safety mission. States have identified SAFETYNET, DataQs, A&I, MCMIS, Aspen, and the Portal as important systems for training. FMCSA and state partners will bring their combined expertise and knowledge to this training, and states will leave better equipped to help FMCSA reach its safety goals.
  • o Blend the experiential knowledge of state and federal leaders. All sessions will be delivered by two instructors – one state and one federal – and together they will share technical information, lead system demonstration, and most importantly speak to why system understanding is so important in the mission-oriented work.

Who should attend?

  • o New state users who use FMCSA software systems
  • o State users with the desire to obtain the best training to maintain data quality and uniformity

Don’t miss out on this vital and valuable training. Attendance is a MCSAP-eligible expense. Contact your FMCSA Field Office with eligibility questions.

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