Big Data to make Bigger Developments to create Better Government

It’s hard to hear the term ‘Big Data’ and not roll your eyes – the IT industry is abuzz and it’s on every major vendor’s website in one way or another, but try to contain your skepticism a bit longer. Big data is here to stay and it’s doing amazing things to transform the way states, cities and counties govern.

  • Health and human service agencies are evaluating population health information to create more valuable services to those in need as well as finding ways to cut fraud, waste and abuse to save taxpayers money.
  • Public works departments are leveraging sensors to aggregate data and ensure their man power and money are being well spent in areas of need.
  • Financial departments are using dashboards to provide additional transparency into budgets and spending to build trust within their jurisdictions.
  • Even some law enforcement and public safety professionals (who are notoriously slow to adapt to new technology) are working with cutting-edge vendors to better analyze their criminal data, find common trends and implement predictive policing to aid their communities.

All around us, state & local agencies are harnessing the power of analytics to keep us safer, provide a more “open government” and create services that citizens want and deserve. In the month of July, CJIS GROUP will be speaking with both agencies and vendors to understand how this new technology will transform the daily lives of the American people. Click here to learn more and get involved! 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

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