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CJIS GROUP is very proud of our client account managers and research staff. They are well trained, experienced and long tenured. The researchers take the time to build relationships within the criminal justice, fire, emergency management and health and human service agencies at the state and local level of government. We pride ourselves on gathering additional information for our clients and answering questions having to do with the information contained in our vast data files.

Most states do not require a bidding company be on state contract; however, being on state contract is an excellent place to start in your efforts to work state and local information technology projects.The state and local procurement policies are changing all the time. Many states now invite companies to bid, in most of those instances they use a state or local vendor listing (state contract) to pick the invitees for the process.There is no downside to being on all state contracts.

To learn how to get on the contracts, use the LINKS section of our website to go to the states procurement site and sign up on line.

One great resource is to use the CJIS GROUP Awarded projects data file to identify integrators that have bid and won integration projects. Our vendor profiles are also an excellent starting point to identify integrators while building your proposals.  To create your own vendor profile, please click here: Vendor Profile.

Grantsmanship is an art.  The application must be based on an agencies needs using their data to back up and measure their claims for the use of the grant money.  Because of limited DOJ and DHS grant funding only about one fourth of the grant applications are awarded.  CJIS GROUP can help identify resources to write the grant application; those identified resources must work directly with the agency.

The CJIS GROUP tracks a variety of news, events and opinions that impact the use of technology in state and local government.  We encourage you to visit our News & Views Page where you can read articles from the following categories:

  • Industry
  • State and Local Government
  • Funding

On the News & Views Page, you can also sign up to receive our free weekly Newsletter!

Yes, we do!  The CJIS GROUP LinkedIn Page is the prefect location to network, read news articles, learn about our solutions and stay connected.  We encourage you to follow us, to share your updates and to participate in the online community. 

The Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Policy v5.1 can be found in the publications database located under our Resources tab.  The CJIS Security Policy provides Criminal Justice Agencies (CJA) and Noncriminal Justice Agencies (NCJA) with a minimum set of security requirements for the access to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division systems and information and to protect and safeguard Criminal Justice Information (CJI).  

In addition, the CJIS GROUP publications database contains other reports pertaining to technology in the Criminal Justice, Public Safety, Homeland Security and Health and Human Services communities.  These documents are generally gathered through the public domain and include industry trends, agency surveys, technical standards and models, case studies, white papers and guides.  

CJIS GROUP provides pre-RFP market intelligence regarding the technology needs, plans, current in-service technology and incumbent vendors for State and Local Government Departments of:

  • Health, Medicaid, and Insurance
  • Children and Family Services
  • Elder Affairs, Senior Services, and Aging
  • and many others

Within these departments, CJIS GROUP is analyzing the systems/procurement needs for Health Benefit Exchanges, Medicaid Management Information Systems, Electronic Medical Records, Health Information Exchanges, WIC EBT Systems and various eligibility systems that are rapidly changing due to Federal regulation, the requirement for state and local governments to reduce administrative costs and technology innovations.

CJIS GROUP monitors federal grant programs used by state and local justice and public safety government agencies for planning, procurement and implementation of information technologies. Information about grant programs detailing allocated and awarded grant monies is collected to assist CJIS GROUP government users in pursuit of grant support and vendor clients that use the information in a similar manner for their government clients and for market analysis and lead generation.

CJIS GROUP offers a great online environment for vendors and state and local governement agencies to connect, share information, and build relationships.  There are serveral methods we recommend:

  • Seach for a vendor profile
  • Post a discussion specific to the vendor community
  • Use the awarded database to see which vendors were responding to bids
  • Attend an upcoming trade show, convention, or networking event.  Use our database to know what events are coming up. 
  • Speak with a member of our reserach staff for other suggestions

Currently there are over 2,800 Agency Information reports in the CJIS GROUP database.  Through conversations with each agency our researchers are collecting a lot of information that can assist vendors when preparing to bid on a project.  Many vendors use the reports to get deeper insight into how the agency is organized and governed; how they obtain funding and how to plan to procure upcoming projects.  Some of the key details that vendors rely on heavily are the current environment and incumbent vendor sections.  This intelligence gives the vendor a current glimpse of what systems, hardware and software the agency has installed.  Having this type of information can help you, the vendor, prepare a competitive bid.