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For Technology Vendors

Win more technology bids with the right kind of market intelligence, from CJIS GROUP.

  • Build your pipeline with qualified pre-RFP intelligence
  • Make smarter bid/no-bid decisions
  • Turn “cold calls” into “warm calls”
  • Track opportunities with proactive alerts



For Government

Optimize the procurement process through access to CJIS GROUP's intelligence platform.

  • Qualify vendors
  • Join a community of your peers
  • Learn about technology successes in similar agencies
  • Become a Government Member

Building Better Broadband For Cities and Counties

Is low population density making major carriers reluctant to invest in your area? Are broadband bandwidth and reliability problems plaguing your city or county? Click below to view the webinar sponsored by CJIS GROUP and Finley Engineering where we discuss how to build better broadband for cities and counties. Topics addressed include: benefits, roadblocks and financial implications.

View Webinar | View Slide Deck